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It’s not as simple as get your authority and start making money.

Although we all wish it was.

Getting your brokers license or car hauling authority is only 25% of the battle. The other 75%?

+ Is about how well you can build a unique, professional brand that stands out in a sea of other brokers / car haulers and makes clients choose you.

+ How well you market yourself so you can bring in higher quality clients who are begging to work with you.

+ And of course, if you're a broker, how well you can convince a potential client, the one whose information was purchased through an auto transport lead provider, that even though you have zero reviews and you started your business a week ago, you are the better option among your veteran counterparts and that you can be trusted.



Hello, I'm Ashley. Founder and creator of ReloAcademy and Haul & Hustle.

I‘ve accumulated over a decade of experience in the auto relocation and trucking industry combined.

I started out as an enclosed auto transport driver, then I jumped into running my own auto transport business and eventually I took my talents to auto transport brokering.

Today, I work as a brand strategist and business consultant for auto transport brokers and car haulers. Fancy words for: I get to do what I love which is helping you create a unique, personality fused auto transport brand that attracts your ideal clients and makes you money.

I know the feeling of confusion and overwhelm all too well. Like you, I was once in the same position. Only difference?

I didn't have anyone to educate me.

As a car hauler, it took a lot of trial and error to figure out how to be profitable.

  • That depending on load boards was recipe for disaster.
  • That marketing my business, the smart way, was one BIG key to success.
  • That it was in fact a business and I had to run it like one. I was no longer JUST a driver. Hello MANY HATS!


As a broker, it took $15,000 and a lot of frustrated nights to realize that getting licensed and bonded was not even half the battle:

  • That listening intensively to clients is your magic formula to success.
  • That knowing your clients more than they know themselves is essential to repeat business and superb testimonials.
  • That having the right answers to your clients questions is more important for your credibility than you think.
  • And that you absolutely have to buy leads if you want to make money right away. The irony? You’re going to be competing with 9 other brokers for that client and if you don’t know what you’re doing?


You’re screwed!


It doesn't matter if you are a broker or car hauler, but unless you have a lot of time and...

  • At least $600 for a mediocre non auto transport web designer?
  • $500 for a cheap graphic designer?
  • About $300 or so a month for an amateur marketer who knows nothing about this industry?

And some disposable cash lying around to blow on actually testing what does and doesn’t work for converting leads, talking to clients, running the business to be profitable?

Then you’re in the right place.


This community was developed exclusively for the serious entrepreneurs who’ve already made the decision to become an auto transport business owner, and who wants to eliminate the guesswork B.S and focus on making money right out the gate, with a mentor right by your side when you need it.

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Whether you rather buy the online course with lifetime access and a one time fee or you rather do the monthly membership with all the perks? Is irrelevant.

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4 Module Auto Transport Brokering Course delivered in audio format

Mega Book: 100 + page PDF version of the course

Templates, Checklists, Cheat Sheets, Calling Scripts, Contracts

International Shipping Guide

Up Selling with Gap Insurance Audio Lesson

Ship More Cars Selling System


Auto Transport is a highly competitive but lucrative industry.

In fact, it’s so lucrative that every day new brokers and car haulers open shop, and so competitive that every day old brokers and frustrated car haulers close their doors.

Is there a one size fits all playbook for success?

Of course not. You and I both know that nothing in life is ever 100% guaranteed.

Are the start up costs minimal?

As a broker, you can start your business with $5,000 or so, but as a car hauler, that amount will be dramatically different. 

Is it easy to start this business?

Is anything ever really easy? If you follow the steps, then yes it's easier. If you know before you start? Then yes it's easier. But there's always bumps in the road.

But getting your authority doesn’t mean you’ll start making money right away.

 You still need to learn the business:

How to price your moves.

How to find carriers. (Broker problems)

How to market yourself to get more clients.

And when things go bad, which they probably will, you need to know how to get it handled.


 Then there’s the questions your clients will ask:

What if my car gets damaged?

What if the driver holds my car hostage what happens next?

Is a certain day of the week better than another?

What if my car is being driven all over the place and then left in another state?

How long does it take to transport my vehicle, once it’s loaded on the truck?

Can I put personal items in my car? How much gas should I leave in my car when shipping it?

Is my vehicle insured while on the truck?

Do I have to be there when my car is picked up and delivered?


 And the questions you’ll be asking yourself:

What kind of contracts do I need to cover my ass legally?

How can I make money in a highly competitive industry like auto transport?

How can I compete with all these brokers and car haulers for clients?

How do I get clients to trust me when I don’t have any reviews because I’m new?

Can I really balance integrity with running a profitable business?

What if clients find out I’m working from home? Or that I only own ONE truck?

Can I really make money doing this?


The monthly membership community isn’t just your typical car hauling or auto transport broker training course. It goes beyond the basics of starting your business- you can find most of that information online for FREE anyways. (Like via my blog or the ReloGeek Youtube Channel)

This community is your ultimate auto transport business playbook with lots of hand holding when you need it the most.

ReloGeek started years ago with one mission: to revolutionize an industry. To create a community that supports the future auto transport business owners of tomorrow while bettering a broken industry.

Today that mission remains the same, just a little more refined with a heck of a lot more friends (on both sides of the aisle). Yes, I'm talking to you brokers and car haulers!

So what do you say? Are you ready to join us?

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Three Reasons To Join the Monthly Membership

The lessons are actionable and easy to follow. You can take what you learn and implement it straight away.

You get access to my flagship programs: ReloAcademy and Haul & Hustle along with scripts and templates to use right away.

New content will be added quarterly, access to the group forum and message yours truly via a texting app.

Frequently Asked Questions

You will get access to my two flagship programs: ReloAcademy and Haul and Hustle. Plus, you will get access to new cheat sheets, worksheets, templates or training each quarter. PLUS get direct access to me via a text messaging.

You will be billed every month until cancelled. You can cancel at any time. Once you cancel your membership, you will no longer have access to the membership portal or the course content. 

At this time, you can purchases the courses independently for lifetime access. You can do so by visiting . However, the new content and text message access to me are only available to paid membership subscribers.

Simply put: I want to help you. This membership site has been contemplated for some time now. After doing a lot of thinking, I realized this is the best way to provide on going support and value to the ReloGeek community.

Yes you can! Even if you are already a member of one of the flagship courses, you can join the monthly membership just for the perks. With your monthly membership, you get new content every quarter which includes templates, scripts, training modules, etc... plus you get access to yours truly via a text messaging app.

The idea behind making myself available via text is based on wanting to add an incentive for you to invest in yourself. So text messaging is something I only offer to active, paid members. Unfortunately, if you decide to cancel your membership, you lose all perks including access to online training, updates and of course, text messaging me.

"I'm impressed but not surprised. I knew that you were going to deliver as promised. What I am impressed and surprised about is that it was rather quick (good thing) I feel like that is because you are strait to the point and didn't waste time with unnecessary verbiage. the step by guide to booking a load is extremely helpful. it allows a person to get right to work. Thank you very much, I've planned to do you proud!"

Chuck, Guider Freight

"I have totally been inspired by the enthusiasm of Ashley's thoughtful insights into the business of car hauling & brokering. She is a constant cheerleader & keeps me motivated. Relogeek's educational content is a MUST!!!"

Tia, Allison Express Inc.

"Ashley, your course was simple and easy to follow. I'm currently a Freight Broker moving General Freight and wanted to include Auto Transport to my business. What I like about your course is you get straight to the point. Also, the support you provide is top notch. Keep up your amazing work."

James, Chevyon Logistics

"I've learned so much by watching Ashley's videos and listening to the modules in the ReloAcademy training! If ya'll want to get into brokering, the course is well worth it. Ashley is awesome, and is always there to help. If you feel stuck, just send an email; she actually responds! I appreciate and respect Ashley a great deal. Much love from the Lone Star State!"

Amanda, Every Mile - Every Step Transportation

Eliminate the Guesswork & Make Money Sooner

You know the value of joining the membership community. I've laid it all out here because I want to give you the best chance for success.

Now you have to decide. Will you take the opportunity or will you walk away?



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