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The Client Conversion Playbook

Want to learn how to turn your auto transport leads into high value clients?

Are you an auto transport broker struggling to get new clients? 

Are you overworked, overwhelmed and underpaid?

Then this Playbook is a must-have.

Boasting a little over 14,000 words across 97 pages, you're going to learn 10 in-depth strategies for converting your leads into loyal clients. Things you will not learn anywhere else.

Accumulated from over a decade in the trucking and transportation industry, two decades as a serial soloprenuer and 8 years of learning neuroeconomics, sales psychology and advanced copywriting. You're learning it all.

By the end of The Client Conversion Playbook, you'll be equipped with the information on how to turn Lookie-Lou auto transport leads into high value clients with grace and ease.



No more hoping and praying for leads to choose you...

No more sending boring quote or follow up emails...

And no more dealing with leads that ghost you!


Instead, you'll start writing things that get their attention and earn their respect...

You'll have done for you social media posts, email templates and prompts to help you engage your audience the right way...

And most importantly, you'll learn how to handle objections like a pro that results in a decision being made on the spot.

PLUS so much more!!!


 Don't miss your chance to learn how to gain an edge in the competitive auto transport industry and start turning those unresponsive leads into high value clients that will net you more clients over the long haul.

This Playbook is a must have especially if you are underpaid, overwhelmed and overworked right now.

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IMPORTANT: We do not make any income or lead conversion guarantees. Every broker will be different and every result will be different. We show you the strategies, it's up to you to use them in the way that works for your unique brokerage.