The Ultimate Email Bundle

Are you tired of spending countless hours writing emails that get lost in the deep dark web?

Or maybe you’re using the crappy done for you email templates provided by your brokering CRM.

If that’s the case, I’ve got the perfect solution for you: The Ultimate Email Bundle!

13 Done For You Email Templates 

My carefully curated collection of email templates is designed to help make your auto transport broker emails better. Heck, to make your communication better! Whether you're reaching out to clients, sending quotes, or following up on leads, there’s a template for every situation!

Here’s a list of the 13 emails you’ll get:

  1. Getting the auto transport lead on the phone
  2. Breaking up with the lead 
  3. Getting them on the phone #2
  4. When lead goes dark and you need to follow up
  5. After Leaving A Voicemail
  6. When the lead is not interested
  7. Quirky follow up
  8. Educate and quote them
  9. Entertaining follow up email
  10. When a client almost ghosts you
  11. When a client converts a quote to an order
  12. No Hidden Fees quote email
  13. Friendly 2+ Days After Follow Up

These 13 Done for You Email Templates Save You Time. 

Time is money, and you know how much I value both! With the Ultimate Email Bundle, you'll save 1-3 hours each day. No more staring at a blank screen or racking your brain for the right words. I’ve done the heavy lifting for you! 

Customize to Match Your Brand Voice.

I get it, every business is unique! That's why I’ve made it super duper easy to customize each template to match your branding, your speaking style, and your specific audience needs. Stand out from all the other brokers that look and sound the same. With these templates, you’ll be unforgettable! 

Tested, Proven, and Trusted.

My templates have been carefully crafted, battle tested, and proven to deliver results. If you want emails that truly engage and convert, this bundle is definitely a tool you can have in your tool belt!

You Can Make It Fun! 

Who said emails have to be boring? If you’ve been in my circle for any amount of time, you know that I‘m against anything snooze-worthy! I believe in having fun while making money! That’s something you get with these done for you emails. 

Grab The Ultimate Email Bundle Today! 

Now is your chance to change how you use email in your broker business.

It doesn’t have to be hard or over complicated! Just copy, paste and tweak! It’s really that simple.

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As a bonus, you'll also receive my expert tips and tricks for making your email work for you in the right way – absolutely FREE! 

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