The Ultimate Email Bundle

The "I Can't Believe It's Not Spam" Email Bundle

Are you tired of sending emails that vanish into the void faster than your profits? Or maybe you're using those cookie-cutter templates from your CRM that scream "I'm a robot, please ignore me."

No worries. I've got 13 email templates that might actually get read. Maybe even replied too. I know, shocking.

Here's what you're in for:

  1. "Please pick up the phone, I'm lonely" email
  2. "It's not you, it's... well, actually it is you" breakup email
  3. "I know you're avoiding me, but..." follow-up
  4. "Hello? Is anybody out there?" for when leads ghost you
  5. "I left a voicemail, please acknowledge my existence" email
  6. "I get it, you're not interested, but let me try one more time" plea
  7. "Look how quirky and different I am" follow-up
  8. "Let me educate you on why you should give me money" email
  9. "I'm entertaining, please love me" follow-up
  10. "I see you trying to ghost me" call-out
  11. "You actually converted? Is this real life?" confirmation
  12. "No hidden fees, pinky promise" quote email
  13. "It's been 2+ days, are you alive?" check-in

Why bother? Because time is money, and you're wasting both. These templates might save you a few hours each day. You're welcome.

Customize them to sound like you. 

Are they tested and proven? Sure. By me. In my business. Your mileage may vary.

Can you make it fun? I mean, it's email. Let's not get carried away.

Grab this bundle now and join the "cool" brokers who are slightly less miserable in their email communications.

BONUS: I'll throw in some "expert" tips on how to make email work for you. Because clearly, we all need all the help we can get.

Ready to shortcut the process and get back to what you do best? (Buying leads, probably? But hopefully not...)

P.S. If these don't work, you can always go back to your CRM's templates. At least then you'll have someone else to blame.

$197.00 USD


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