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You’ve heard about the secret world of auto transport brokering, you're ready to go all in BUT now you’re left with a million and one questions about how to get it done:

What does a broker do?
How will I get paid?
How do I actually get the cars moved?
Can I do this with no experience?

The list goes on. Are you ready to get the answers to your questions? Are you ready to go from complete newbie to seasoned vet?

More importantly, are you ready to work side by side, showing you everything you need to know to GET PAID TO SHIP CARS? Click that green button to learn more!

Hello, I'm Ashley. Founder and Creator of ReloAcademy

I'm a Car Shipping Expert with over a decade of experience in the trucking and transportation industry.

Having started out as an Enclosed Auto Transport Driver and commencing to run my own Auto Transport Company by 23, to becoming a highly sought after auto transport broker, I've since found my place as a brand strategist and business development consultant for the industry.

Fancy words for I help you GET PAID TO SHIP CARS.

ReloGeek started years ago with one mission: To Revolutionize An Industry!

To create a community that supports the future auto transport business owners of tomorrow while bettering a broken industry.

Today that mission remains the same.

So what do you say? Are you ready to join us?


"I'm impressed but not surprised. I knew that you were going to deliver as promised. What I am impressed and surprised about is that it was rather quick (good thing) I feel like that is because you are strait to the point and didn't waste time with unnecessary verbiage. the step by guide to booking a load is extremely helpful. it allows a person to get right to work. Thank you very much, I've planned to do you proud!"

Chuck, Guider Freight

"I have totally been inspired by the enthusiasm of Ashley's thoughtful insights into the business of car hauling & brokering. She is a constant cheerleader & keeps me motivated. Relogeek's educational content is a MUST!!!"

Tia, Allison Express Inc.

"Ashley, your course was simple and easy to follow. I'm currently a Freight Broker moving General Freight and wanted to include Auto Transport to my business. What I like about your course is you get straight to the point. Also, the support you provide is top notch. Keep up your amazing work."

James, Chevyon Logistics

"I've learned so much by watching Ashley's videos and listening to the modules in the ReloAcademy training! If ya'll want to get into brokering, the course is well worth it. Ashley is awesome, and is always there to help. If you feel stuck, just send an email; she actually responds! I appreciate and respect Ashley a great deal. Much love from the Lone Star State!"

Amanda, Every Mile - Every Step Transportation

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