Is Auto Transport Brokering Right For You?

You’ve heard about the secret world of auto transport brokering and now you’re left with a million and one questions: What does a broker do? How will I get paid? How do I actually get the cars moved? Can I do this with no experience? The list goes on. Are you ready to get the answers to your questions?

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What's Inside

Get answers to all your questions about the secret world of auto transport brokering.  With 10 Jammed packed, bite-sized modules, you're guaranteed to go from knowing absolutely nothing about auto transport to understanding the fundamentals of who's involved, how you get paid, and how you can succeed in this business. Just to name a few. 

This is a crash course and not an in-depth course on brokering. For that, check out ReloAcademy. This course is designed for people who are interested in auto transport brokering but have no idea what it involves, what to expect and whether or not it's right for YOU.

But don't be fooled. This audio course does have specific actionable steps you can take to prepare yourself for life as an auto transport broker.

Module breakdown:

  • Module One: Meet the Players
  • Module Two: Auto Transport Exposed
  • Module Three: Top 7 Must-Have Tools
  • Module Four: Systems Work
  • Module Five: Finding Clients Module
  • Module Six: Engage Don't Persuade
  • Module Seven: Finding Carriers
  • Module Eight: Overcoming Obstacles
  • Module Nine: Expand Your Network While Working Full Time
  • Module Ten: Remember Your Why

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10 Jammed Packed Modules

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