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Fresh + Fun

ReloAcademy is the first auto transport broker training course of its kind with a modern and practical approach.

It's strategically designed to guide you through the complex process of starting and running a brokering business in a fresh, fun and easy to follow manner.

We give you the tools you need to succeed.

With instant access to pre recorded training modules, you learn what you need, when you need it.

Delivered primarily in audio format makes learning on the go a breeze.

go a breeze.

Your Roadmap

Module I

Step by step instructions designed to help you start your auto transport broker business on the right foot.


 This audio lesson will take at least 28 minutes to complete.

Module II

Learn the 6 things you need on your website plus instructions on creating a professional email address.


 This audio lesson will take at least 19 minutes to complete.

Module III

Everything you need to know to run an auto transport broker business including how to price your services.


This audio lesson (split into 2 parts) will take at least 1 hour to complete.

Module IV

Step by step process for booking a load from your first client to using that client to generate more clients.


This audio lesson will take at least 8 minutes to complete.

An Energizing Learning Environment

The simplicity of your course dashboard makes it easy to use.

The modern design and bold color palette promotes a refreshing and energizing learning environment.

The depth and level of expertise behind the content is unlike anything else on the market.

Making ReloAcademy 2.0 both irresistible and extremely powerful.

Jumpstart Your Business




4 Module Audio Course
 Mega Book: Beautifully Designed 100 + page PDF version of the course
 Checklists and/or Cheat Sheets to accompany each module
Contracts Templates






 Everything in Economy and Business Class Package


International Shipping Guide | want to know how to ship cars overseas? This is your guide.

Calling Scripts | Get access to 3 calling scripts you can use.

Email Footer Sign Off Ideas | how you close your emails is important. This cheat sheet gives you copy and paste ideas.

Client Referrals + Reviews Email Templates | use these for repeat clients and raving reviews.

 Up Selling with Gap Insurance Audio Lesson | you can offer gap insurance as a way to protect your clients and make more money. This audio lesson will show you how.

Ship More Cars Selling System | need help converting leads? This is my proven 5 step formula for converting more leads.





 Everything in Economy Class Package


Niches + Target Market Ideas | you have to specialize if you want to capture your own leads online. You can't just target auto transport. You won't make it. Don't know which area of specialization to choose? Use this list as your guide.

Business Name Ideas | coming up with a unique business name is hard. Use this cheat sheet to choose a name that is unique and catchy

Tagline Ideas | standing out from the crowd is important. Use these tagline ideas to differentiate your business and grab attention

Social Media Cheat Sheet | being on social isn't about just pushing your business. Use this cheatsheet to know what to post so you can engage your followers

Client's Needs Questionnaire | know exactly what your client needs by asking these proven questions during your sales call

Follow Up Email Templates | copy and paste email templates that are designed to keep you top of mind with potential clients without seeming salesy or sleazy

Client Q+A Cheat Sheet | the questions your clients will ask along with answers you can use so you don't look like a newbie

Auto Transport Blog Topic Ideas |  blogging is key to generating your own leads. these topic ideas will give you a foundation on what to write about



Frequently Asked Questions

You will get access to your course materials immediately after purchase is made and payment has cleared. 

I want you to succeed as much as you do, if not more. If you have a question or need advice about something that could potentially hold you back from your goals, I urge you to email directly: [email protected] (OR you can message me on Facebook-just mention you're a Reloacademy student so I know) Every membership comes with 30 days of email support! Please note that the support you get is based on the package you’re in. So you will not get support about topics covered in the first class package if you’re only in the business or economy class package. You have to be in the proper package to receive support based on that topic. Support is available M-F 9am - 5 pm eastern time. If emailing outside that time, I do try my best to respond but it's not guaranteed.

Due to the digital nature of the course, there are no refunds or exchanges allowed. Be sure to find out if it’s exactly what you want before purchasing.

No. Currently, there are no courses required to get your auto transport broker license or to start your business. However, if you’re looking to eliminate the guesswork, this course is worth the investment.

I offer no representations, warranties or guarantees verbally or in writing regarding your earnings or results. By purchasing this Program you understand because of the nature of the program and extent, the results experienced by each person may significantly vary.

How does life sound? You will get access to the course for as long as it's available on the site.

Because there is no final exam, I do not award any type of certificates for completing this program.

Because most software companies update and change their interface often, it would be impractical to keep up with all those changes so no, you won’t learn how to use them inside ReloAcademy. Luckily for you, softwares like JTracker, Central Dispatch and Auto Broker Dispatch are for the most part, pretty much straightforward and for the moments when you just can’t grasp it? You can always schedule a One on One Strategic Business Consultation where I will guide you through it.

Technically yes. You can take my course. However, please note that ReloAcademy 2.0 was designed for those entrepreneurs looking to start and run an auto transport broker business in the United States. I can not guarantee how effective my course would be outside the US.

I truly can’t answer that question because everyone has different potential. But I can break down how to calculate your potential.

The average broker converts 3% of their leads. Multiply that by $200-300 service fee and you got your answer.

Example scenario: If you buy 500 leads per month at 3% conversion rate that’s 15 leads. Times that by $200 fee and you get $3000. 500 leads at $2.25 per lead (not the average cost but some providers charge that) means you’ll spend $1125 which gives you a ROI of $1875.

You can adjust as needed.

Reasons Why ReloAcademy Works

Reason #1

The lessons are actionable. You can take what you learn and implement it straight away.

Reason #2

I make learning fun and easy with strategically designed lessons. So easy anyone can follow.

Reason #3

My course works. If you want to learn how to start and run a broker business, it does just that.

"I'm impressed but not surprised. I knew that you were going to deliver as promised. What I am impressed and surprised about is that it was rather quick (good thing) I feel like that is because you are strait to the point and didn't waste time with unnecessary verbiage. the step by guide to booking a load is extremely helpful. it allows a person to get right to work. Thank you very much, I've planned to do you proud!"

Chuck, Guider Freight

"I have totally been inspired by the enthusiasm of Ashley's thoughtful insights into the business of car hauling & brokering. She is a constant cheerleader & keeps me motivated. Relogeek's educational content is a MUST!!!"

Tia, Allison Express Inc.

"Ashley, your course was simple and easy to follow. I'm currently a Freight Broker moving General Freight and wanted to include Auto Transport to my business. What I like about your course is you get straight to the point. Also, the support you provide is top notch. Keep up your amazing work."

James, Chevyon Logistics

"I've learned so much by watching Ashley's videos and listening to the modules in the ReloAcademy training! If ya'll want to get into brokering, the course is well worth it. Ashley is awesome, and is always there to help. If you feel stuck, just send an email; she actually responds! I appreciate and respect Ashley a great deal. Much love from the Lone Star State!"

Amanda, Every Mile - Every Step Transportation

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