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Build Your Auto Transport Broker Business From The Ground Up.

Hello, I'm Ashley

And I created Reloacademy to help really awesome people like you, get paid to ship cars.

Giving you the knowledge and wisdom you need to get started even as a complete newbie.

If you're looking to build your auto freight broker business from the ground up, and want to get paid to ship cars, this program is for you.


My brokering journey started out rough. Riddled in costly mistakes and deflating moments.

I struggled to make money. I copied what every other broker was doing because I had no clue what I was up against.

When I met an auto transport broker for the first time, I fell in love. The lifestyle, the freedom, the elite clientele.

Marty was everything I wanted to be. The truth is, I didn’t have a clue how to get there.

After blowing through $15k on leads, useless software and trial and error, I was ready to throw in the towel.


Can you relate to that feeling? 


Telling everyone you know you’re planning to do something and this thing is going to make you millions.


➕ Promising your partner that they will never have to work again.

➕ Telling your family that you’ll have something to hand down to your children. 

➕ Telling yourself that you’ll build a legacy.


Imagine how you’d feel if it doesn’t turn out the way you planned.


You’ll be embarrassed about all the broken promises. The ones you made to your partner, your family, and worst of all, yourself. 

It’ll hurt.

I wanted to be like Marty. I had to find a way to succeed. Or at least be profitable.

It was on a call with a potential client that I saw my superpower: Educating people. This simple but valuable ah ha moment changed everything for me. It turned my failing business around. Slowly.

Educating people helped convert more leads and slowly grow my business with repeat clients and referrals. It‘s also how I fell into teaching people like you.

Educating clients is a proven technique that’s been around for at least a century. A lot of successful people have used this strategy in some form or another. 

And it’s part of everything you’ll learn how to do so you Ship More Cars™. You can even take that one strategy and use it on your own without investing in this program. It’s that powerful.

Reloacademy is your best asset. It will guide you step by step throughout your auto freight brokering journey. 

If you follow the process, you too can build a sustainable auto freight broker business, the right way.

But this program is not for everyone. 


➕ If you’re looking for a get rich quick scheme, or a magic formula that will make you an overnight success story? This isn’t for you.

➕ If you’re looking for a guaranteed 6 or 7 figures without putting in work? This isn’t for you.

➕ And if you’re on your last dollar and you don’t have the time, energy and patience to do this right? This is definitely not for you. At least not right now.


My philosophy is slow and steady wins the race. 


I’m not into hype marketing and false promises. 

I’m not into selling you trendy strategies that work in theory.

I’m not into promising an overnight, fast and easy journey to multiple 7 figures. 

I am proud to be the tortoise of auto freight brokering.

Because no truly successful business got there overnight. It takes time, knowledge and the ability to sell yourself to some extent.

Yes, some of my students got their first few clients before their authority was active. 

Yes, a few students scaled their business and hired employees within their first 6 months.

And yes, some students are replacing their income within the first year of business.

But that's their journey. And sadly, there’s no guarantee you’ll replicate that. In fact, most people that take online courses never succeed.

But what I can guarantee? You’ll learn the business. That’s what you’re investing in: the depth of knowledge that’ll make you confident and knowledgeable as an auto freight broker.


Together we'll build a customized business for you.


One that’s ready for long term growth and leverages your unique experiences.

A business that reflects your goals and visions.

As long as you're willing to show up and nurture it.

My ReloAcademy students expect knowledge with no fluff.  And that’s precisely what you’ll get.

➕ It’s quality not quantity.

➕ It's knowledge not fluff.

➕ It's proven timeless strategies not trendy theory.


If this excites you.

If you’re ready to put in all the work necessary to be successful. 

If you want to learn everything you can to be prepared for this journey even with zero experience?

You’re my kind of mentee. 

I invite you to join me inside Reloacademy where I’ll be your mentor every step of the way.

Click the button below to get started on your journey.



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Whats Included:

4 Core Modules (Starting Your Business, Designing Your Website, Running Your Business and Booking a Load)
 PDF Version of each of the core modules
 Checklists and/or Cheat Sheets to accompany each module
Contracts Templates (make sure your business is legal. You get the contract templates you can use to help protect your business)


Breakdown of additional training and templates:


Niches + Target Market Ideas | you have to specialize if you want to capture your own leads online. You can't just target auto transport. You won't make it. Don't know which area of specialization to choose? Use this list as your guide.

Business Name Ideas | coming up with a unique business name is hard. Use this cheat sheet to choose a name that is unique and catchy

Tagline Ideas | standing out from the crowd is important. Use these tagline ideas to differentiate your business and grab attention

Social Media Cheat Sheet | being on social isn't about just pushing your business. Use this cheatsheet to know what to post so you can engage your followers

Client's Needs Questionnaire | know exactly what your client needs by asking these proven questions during your sales call

Follow Up Email Templates | copy and paste email templates that are designed to keep you top of mind with potential clients without seeming salesy or sleazy

Client Q+A Cheat Sheet | the questions your clients will ask along with answers you can use so you don't look like a newbie

Auto Transport Blog Topic Ideas |  blogging is key to generating your own leads. these topic ideas will give you a foundation on what to write about




International Shipping Guide | want to know how to ship cars overseas? This is your guide.

Calling Scripts | Get access to 3 calling scripts you can use.

Email Footer Sign Off Ideas | how you close your emails is important. This cheat sheet gives you copy and paste ideas.

Client Referrals + Reviews Email Templates | use these for repeat clients and raving reviews.

 Up Selling with Gap Insurance Audio Lesson | you can offer gap insurance as a way to protect your clients and make more money. This audio lesson will show you how.

Ship More Cars Selling System | need help converting leads? This is my proven 5 step formula for converting more leads.

 Lead Conversion Training | Learn proven strategies on how to close more deals than your competitors.

 Simple Pricing Hack | use this super simple pricing hack to help your cars move faster than other vehicles on the load board (works even on competitive routes).

 Learn How to Handle Clients Who Say You're Priced Too High | you will hear that you're priced higher than other brokers. But with this lesson, you'll learn what to say that gets them to choose you.

 Leveraging Your Experience and Selling a High Priced Service Fee | no need to struggle with converting leads. I will show you how to leverage your experience and how to sell people on your $300 + service fee. It's easier than you think.

◆ Dealer Contracts 101 & 102: The good, the bad and the super ugly truth. We shed light on: How I got dealerships to come me bringing in over $5k per week in profit. How brokers can make almost a half a million dollars every single year doing dealer moves. Why most brokers fail at them before they even begin. I’m confident you’re going to make the same mistake if you jump into these moves without doing the other steps. But more importantly you’re going to learn how you can set yourself up for success. Step by step how to make that happen. PLUS you'll get the interactive checklist to keep you on track. 


You get everything above and so much more.


 I can easily price this program for $5,000+ and it would still sell like crazy. But I’m not even going to charge you that. 

For an investment of only $3000 you can get started on your journey today. 

And if you pay in full, you can save an additional $800.

I can’t guarantee if you come back tomorrow, it’ll still be this price. So if you’re confident the Reloacademy Experience is the missing piece to your puzzle? Then I invite you to join us. 


Your One-Time Investment $2200 Paid in Full or 2 Monthly Payments of $1500.

 If you need 3 month payment option, they’re available on a case by case basis. Email [email protected]


Frequently Asked Questions

You will get access to your course materials immediately after purchase is made and payment has cleared. 

When you join Reloacademy, you get 12 weeks with Ashley directly over chat, messenger or email. So yes, you will get all the support you need. Student support is available M-F 10 am - 2 pm eastern.

If it’s something that needs a call to address, you’ll be directed to schedule a complimentary strategic one on one phone consultation. 

The only thing I don’t do is quote your moves or tell you how to run your business. If you want that, you can pay me 90% of your move and I will gladly help. (Being sarcastic here. I WILL NOT RUN YOUR BUSINESS FOR YOU)

When you pay for a college class or you pay your tuition, you do not get your money back. Similarly, when you pay for ReloAcademy, you understand that all sales are final. There are no refunds or exchanges allowed.

Besides, the strategies you’ll learn in this program can’t be found elsewhere. Once you’ve learned them, you can’t unsee them. So for this reason, there are no refunds.

As you know, I care about your experience and your success. Reach out to me and I'll work to make it right (within reason of course).

No. Currently, there are no courses required to get your auto transport broker license or to start your business. However, if you’re looking to eliminate the guesswork, and build a profitable brand, this program is worth the investment.

If you're looking for a “get rich quick”, done for you magic formula without putting in the work needed? Then ReloAcademy isn’t for you. If you want a program that will teach you how to build a real brand from the ground up? One that stands out and attracts your ideal clients? Then yes, this is right for you.

When it comes to guaranteeing you’ll make money, there's too many factors at play for me to make any kind of income guarantee. Not to mention it's illegal for me to do that. Just look no further than the FTC (many course creators end up in hot water for that kind of scamming).

So by purchasing ReloAcademy, you understand because of the nature of the program and extent, the results experienced by each person may significantly vary. But I am here to give you the best chance to succeed. If you want my help!


As much as I’d love to say you’ll get lifetime access, things change, technology change.

What I can say is that you’ll get access to your version of the ReloAcademy for at least one year.

Since all software systems eventually break down, I can’t guarantee it will be forever. For context, it's been around since 2014 and has changed platforms once in that time period. 

Because there is no final exam, I do not award any type of certificates for completing this program.

Because most software companies update and change their interface often, it would be impractical to keep up with all those changes so no, you won’t learn how to use them inside ReloAcademy. Luckily for you, these softwares are for the most part, pretty much straightforward. For the moments when you just can’t grasp it? You can always schedule a One on One Strategic Business Consultation where I can guide you through it.

Technically yes. You can take my course. However, please note that ReloAcademy 2.0 was designed for those entrepreneurs looking to start and run an auto transport broker business in the United States. I can not guarantee how effective my course would be outside the US.

I truly can’t answer that question because everyone has different potential. But I can break down how to calculate your potential.

If you depend on leads here’s what you can expect: The average broker converts 3% of their leads. Multiply that by $200-300 service fee and you got your answer.

Example scenario: If you buy 500 leads per month at 3% conversion rate that’s 15 leads. Times that by $200 fee and you get $3000. 500 leads at $2.25 per lead (not the average cost but some providers charge that) means you’ll spend $1125 which gives you a ROI of $1875.

You can adjust as needed.

If you follow our preferred method of building a long term business, you can get your first client within the first 30 days of getting your authority. Some students have done this within the first few days. But again, it’s up to you to determine how soon you can make money. We would never sell you a dream!

In short: no. When you purchase the program, you’re purchasing one account. It is against terms and conditions to share your log in. If your partner or friend wants access, they’ll need to purchase their own license. If we suspect or find evidence that you’re sharing your log in information, your access will be revoked and no refunds will be given to you. Now the exception is your spouse.
If your spouse lives in your household, you can take the program together, however only the account holder will be able to ask questions.

If you’d like to purchase an additional license you can do so at a discount as long as you’re purchasing both at the same time. Contact support before purchasing.

Ready to invest in your building your business?

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"I'm impressed but not surprised. I knew that you were going to deliver as promised. What I am impressed and surprised about is that it was rather quick (good thing) I feel like that is because you are strait to the point and didn't waste time with unnecessary verbiage. the step by guide to booking a load is extremely helpful. it allows a person to get right to work. Thank you very much, I've planned to do you proud!"

Chuck, Guider Freight

"I have totally been inspired by the enthusiasm of Ashley's thoughtful insights into the business of car hauling & brokering. She is a constant cheerleader & keeps me motivated. Relogeek's educational content is a MUST!!!"

Tia, Allison Express Inc.

"Ashley, your course was simple and easy to follow. I'm currently a Freight Broker moving General Freight and wanted to include Auto Transport to my business. What I like about your course is you get straight to the point. Also, the support you provide is top notch. Keep up your amazing work."

James, Chevyon Logistics

"I've learned so much by watching Ashley's videos and listening to the modules in the ReloAcademy training! If ya'll want to get into brokering, the course is well worth it. Ashley is awesome, and is always there to help. If you feel stuck, just send an email; she actually responds! I appreciate and respect Ashley a great deal. Much love from the Lone Star State!"

Amanda, Every Mile - Every Step Transportation

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