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The Proven Formula for Small Auto Transport Brokers to Command Premium Rates and Dominate Their Markets Without Buying Leads.



Hello My Ambitious Entrepreneur Friend!


If you're a small broker who's hungry to carve out a profitable piece of this competitive industry, then the message below could be the most important one you read this year.


Because while it's tempting to believe you need a massive team, huge budget, and years of experience to really make it in this business...


The truth is, small brokers have a powerful advantage. One that allows them to run circles around the big players and consistently win the most profitable clients.


I call it the "Micro-Mogul Edge." And it's the secret weapon that a small group of brokers use to charge premium rates, dominate their markets, and build thriving businesses they love.


How do they do it?


📚 By becoming "category kings" in carefully-chosen niches...

📚 Delivering highly personalized, boutique-style service that big brokers can't match...

📚 And building deep, lasting bonds with their clients.


The result is a steady stream of high-quality clients who are thrilled to pay top dollar. Clients who view them not just as brokers, but as trusted advisors and partners.


So while big brokers are slugging it out for low-profit jobs and leads that aren’t converting...these savvy "micro-moguls" are commanding $200-300 profit per vehicle moved. All while keeping their businesses lean, agile, and stress-free.


I know because I was one of them. I've personally used these strategies to build a profitable brokerage from scratch. And I've taught this system to hundreds of students, some of whom  are now among the “silent”, top-earning small brokers in the game.


Now, I'm sharing my complete blueprint for small broker success. 




The ReloAcademy Experience


⛔ Fair warning: this ain't your typical vanilla auto transport broker training program. This is a hardcore, no-fluff, take-no-prisoners blueprint for leveraging your small size into maximum profits. ⛔


Battle-tested and perfected over years in the trenches, this is the exact system I used to earn $300-400 profit per load...all while working a fraction of the hours of my competitors.


Here's a glimpse of what you'll discover inside this one-of-a-kind program:


📚 The "Niche Dominator" strategy for establishing yourself as the go-to expert in an underserved, highly profitable corner of the market (this is how I survived and thrived while big brokers were fighting over low converting leads)


📚 The "Service Elevator" technique for delivering a customer experience so outstanding, your clients wouldn't dream of going elsewhere (even if your rates are 1-2x the competition)


📚 The secret to identifying untapped "micro-niches" that you can dominate (here's a hint: some of the most lucrative ones have nothing to do with auto transport on the surface)


📚 Proven scripts for winning over high-value clients, even if you're just starting out (these are the exact words I use to land clients that paid my $300 service fee without batting an eyelash, even though the total cost to ship their car was at times $400 higher than the other big name brokers)


📚 The "Snowball Strategy" for turning a handful of great clients into an avalanche of high-paying referrals 


📚 The pricing strategy that 4x'd my profits without costing me a single customer (plus, how to implement it without feeling an ounce of guilt)


📚 Learn my secret on how I uncovered and helped my students capitalize on wildly profitable niches like classic car collectors, car show participants, and relocating medical professionals


📚 Proprietary tools and done for you templates for streamlining your operations, delivering incredible service, and keeping your sanity


And so much more...


This is the exact system I wish I had when I was starting out. It would have saved me years of trial and error, not to mention untold amounts of stress and lost profits.


And that's my goal for you. Whether you're an industry veteran or you're just starting out, I want to shorten your learning curve and put you on the fast track to "micro-mogul" status.


Now, this program isn't for everyone. If you're content being a me-too broker, fighting for low-profit clients and sinking your hard earned money into a leaking bucket of washed up leads, this isn't for you.


But if you're ready to break free from the pack...carve out a lucrative niche all your own...and build a business that supports the lifestyle you truly want...


Then the ReloAcademy Experience could be your ticket to the top.


So what's the investment for this one-of-a-kind training?


I'll be candid - this system has been responsible for adding tens of thousands of dollars to my own broker business, year after year that I was active. And I've watched it do the same for my top students. I had one student go from complete car shipping newbie to now running multiple offices throughout the state.


So I could easily charge $2,200 or more for this level of specialized knowledge. And it would be a bargain at that price, considering the lifetime value of just one high value client the way I teach you.


In fact, this exact program was selling for $2200 for over a year.


However, my goal is to empower as many small brokers as possible with these game-changing strategies. Because I believe that when we level up as a community, everyone wins. The industry gets better and people are happier.


So for a limited time, I'm offering full access to the ReloAcademy Experience for just $497.


That's over 75% off the regular price. And it's a small fraction of the extra profits you stand to gain when you implement these techniques.


But I must warn you - this special discount absolutely will not last. 


At any point, the price will jump back up to at least $2,200. And I can't promise it will ever come back down again.


So if you're serious about joining the ranks of profitable and happy "micro-moguls"...


If you're ready to work smarter, earn more, and build a business that scales without consuming your life...


Then click the button below to enroll now, before the price goes up for good.


Your Micro-Mogul Mentor,




P.S. - This is the exact system responsible for generating over six figures in personal income in my own brokerage. 


Although I can't guarantee you'll make money like I did, I can guarantee that you will learn the same system my students have used to land high-value clients, dominate their markets, and finally build businesses they're proud of. 


And for a very limited time, you can access it for a small fraction of my normal coaching fees.


So if you're on the fence, I invite you to ask yourself...


📚 What will your business look like a year from now if you continue down your current path?


📚 Will you still be working grueling hours, chasing low-profit clients and terrible leads, and struggling to stand out in a sea of mediocrity?


📚 Or will you be well on your way to "micro-mogul" status - earning premium rates, working with high value dream clients, and enjoying the freedom and profits you deserve?


The choice is yours. But if you're ready to take the first step towards transforming your business and your future, I invite you to join me inside the ReloAcademy Experience.


Simply click the button below to get started:


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🤫 Take a Sneak Peek Inside

Still not sure? Take a look for yourself... See exactly what you'll get inside your student portal.


Nothing to Lose, Everything to Gain.


The real risk is continuing down the path you’re on, hoping things will change without taking action. ReloAcademy is your chance to avoid costly mistakes and start seeing real results.


With my proven system, you’ll gain the knowledge and confidence to dominate YOUR market, even as a small auto transport broker.


Here's What You Get:


 GUARANTEED Access to course materials for 1 year from date of purchase.

4 Core Module Audio Course plus...

Leads and Lead Conversion Module
Pricing and Payments Module
Business Foundations Module
Customer Service Module
Marketing Module

PDF version of the each core module
Contract Templates (copy, paste, tweak with step by step instructions)
 Resource: List of 25 + Niches & Target Markets
 Resource: List of 125+ Business Names
 Resource: List of 35+ Tagline Ideas 
Social Media Cheat Sheet
 Resource: 15+ Done for You Proven Email Templates (copy and paste)
 Resource: List of the most asked questions by potential clients and the answers to them.
 Resource: List of Auto Transport Blog Topic Ideas to help you generate leads on autopilot.

International Shipping Guide
Calling Scripts
Email Footer Sign Off Ideas
 Up Selling with Gap Insurance Audio Lesson so you can maximize your average order values.



Breakdown of additional training and templates:


Niches + Target Market Ideas | you have to specialize if you want to capture your own leads online. You can't just target auto transport. You won't make it. Don't know which area of specialization to choose? Use this list as your guide.

Business Name Ideas | coming up with a unique business name is hard. Use this cheat sheet to choose a name that is unique and catchy

Tagline Ideas | standing out from the crowd is important. Use these tagline ideas to differentiate your business and grab attention

Social Media Cheat Sheet | Being on social media isn't about just pushing your business. Use this cheat sheet to know what to post so you can engage your followers

Client's Needs Questionnaire | know exactly what your client needs by asking these proven questions during your sales call

Follow Up Email Templates | copy and paste email templates that are designed to keep you top of mind with potential clients without seeming salesy or sleazy

Client Q+A Cheat Sheet | the questions your clients will ask along with answers you can use so you don't look like a newbie

Auto Transport Blog Topic Ideas |  blogging is key to generating your own leads. these topic ideas will give you a foundation on what to write about




International Shipping Guide | Want to know how to ship cars overseas? This is your guide.

Calling Scripts | Get access to 3 calling scripts you can use.

Email Footer Sign Off Ideas | How you close your emails is important. This cheat sheet gives you copy and paste ideas.

Client Referrals + Reviews Email Templates | use these for repeat clients and raving reviews.

Up Selling with Gap Insurance Audio Lesson | you can offer gap insurance as a way to protect your clients and make more money. This audio lesson will show you how.

Lead Conversion Training | Learn proven strategies on how to close more deals than your competitors.

Simple Pricing Hack | use this super simple pricing hack to help your cars move faster than other vehicles on the load board (works even on competitive routes).

Learn How to Handle Clients Who Say You're Priced Too High | you will hear that you're priced higher than other brokers. But with this lesson, you'll learn what to say that gets them to choose you.

Leveraging Your Experience and Selling a High Priced Service Fee | no need to struggle with converting leads. I will show you how to leverage your experience and how to sell people on your $300 + service fee. It's easier than you think.


Dealer Contracts 101 & 102:

The good, the bad and the super ugly truth. We shed light on: How I got dealerships to come to me bringing in over $5k per week in profit. How brokers can make almost a half a million dollars every single year doing dealer moves. Why do most brokers fail at them before they even begin? I’m confident you’re going to make the same mistake if you jump into these moves without doing the other steps. But more importantly you’re going to learn how you can set yourself up for success. Step by step how to make that happen. PLUS you'll get the interactive checklist to keep you on track. 


You get everything above and so much more.




These alone would cost you $10,800 a la carte.



Life's Too Short to Struggle and Second Guess Your Decision.


For a one-time investment of $497, you gain access to all the training, templates, and resources you need to succeed.


There are no recurring charges or hidden fees. This investment in yourself and your business could be the turning point you’ve been waiting for.

With ReloAcademy, you’ll build a business you love, achieve your dreams, and enjoy the journey. Don’t let this opportunity slip by.


Click that big turquoise button and join the self-study course today. Let’s make small brokers great again!




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