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 Get paid top dollar shipping cars and have fun doing it!



Hey Friend,

I know what you might be going through. 

I receive too many emails from people who got their freight broker license but haven't made a single dollar.

Some bought expensive courses that promised success. But they realized without experience, shippers won't trust you.  

$3k in and you realized they weren’t going to hand you their “book of business” without giving up something in return. And money isn’t the cost of entry. Freedom is.

One student said these courses were “job commitments wrapped in a deceptive bow”.

And then there’s the broker who decides to specialize in auto transport. Except there’s a giant mountain standing in your way. It may not be Mount Everest but it’s a close third.

You may have no clue where to begin or how to get going. 

You probably won’t believe me when I tell you this...

But I felt the same way when I was building my auto transport broker business.

It can be hard to be successful in this industry if you don't know what you're doing. But maybe this doesn’t resonate with you. Maybe you’re like the students who came to me with a false sense of confidence and a “I can wing it” mindset.

After all how hard can it be?

But like I would ask any good friend, can you answer simple questions from clients like:


  • what happens after I give you a deposit?
  • why are you collecting a deposit upfront?
  • how long will the move take?
  • why are you charging so much?
  • can you guarantee nothing will happen to my vehicle?
  • why should I choose you over all the other brokers?
  • Or a fan favorite: the carrier damaged my vehicle and won't pay, so you better pay me or else! (This can be avoided with a iron clad contract and gap insurance)

Can you answer questions in your business like...


  • Where do you find carriers?
  • How do you price a move fast and accurately?
  • Should you buy leads? (hint: you don’t have to buy leads. There’s a different, faster and a more fun way to find clients.)
  • How do you fill out the OP-1 Application so you don't get denied and lose the $300 application fee?
  • How do you handle price objections when they say you're too high? (Despite popular advice, you don't need to slash your prices. In fact, that advice is detrimental to your sanity, your clients, and your bottom line.)
  • How do you turn one client into many clients?
  • How do you book a load from start to finish?
  • How do you get your hands on an iron clad contract that prevents clients from suing you? (And what to put, where.)
  • Why the car you posted on the board hasn't moved yet and is it time to start pooping your pants over it?
  • Or the dreaded question: what do you say to a lead when they ask how long you've been doing this? ( Spoiler Alert: the way you've been told to answer this is a quick way to lose a potential client.)




If you're scratching your head at some of these questions, odds are you’re exactly like most newbie brokers I mentor.

Without guidance or a hefty bank account for trial and error, you can ooze money out every hole in your business. If you haven't already.


But that doesn’t mean you can’t give yourself the best chance to succeed!


That doesn’t mean you can’t turn things around.

Because it's not over till the fat lady sings and this fat lady hasn't sung yet.

What it might mean for you however, is the simple idea that a mentor is the missing piece to your puzzle.

Because you’ve read this far, I'm guessing right now, you need a mentor you can lean on more than anything.

I created the ReloAcademy Experience to stack the odds in your favor.

To give you a leg up and a stool to stand on.

And I'm proud to say it's the first and only auto transport broker mentorship program of its kind.


It will SUPERCHARGE your broker business.

You'll answer all those questions and more - with confidence and swagger. If that’s your thing.

Reloacademy is setting the bar. It remains the go to training for new and experienced auto transport brokers. The broker who’s ready and willing to put in the work necessary to see results.

No other auto freight broker program comes close!

For one, The ReloAcademy Experience is a user generated program shaped by you, for you.

But what does this mean?

Your questions and feedback builds on this program. In addition, you’ll benefit from my experience as a car hauler and a broker, giving you a complete 35,000 ft view.

The Reloacademy Experience answers YOUR questions.

When you join Reloacademy, you’re not buying another course.


You’re investing in a mentor!


You’re getting a business coach with over a decade of experience in the industry. Someone who’s there to guide you when you’re lost, confused or in a tough spot.

You’re investing in a mentor who answers your questions. A mentor who supports, encourages and motivates you as you work towards your dreams and goals.

More importantly, when you invest in the Reloacademy Experience, you’ll learn how to build a brand not just a business. Turning you into a market leader that dominates and gets referred time and time again.

The truth is, relying on leads keeps you at the mercy of the lead provider.

And that isn't fun!


Generating high quality clients, gives YOU the power.


It puts the ball in YOUR court.

And it's a heck of a lot more fun and easy when you do that.

If you’re asking the question: "What if I have a question, will there be a Facebook group or Zoom calls?"

You've probably heard other course providers selling you on that.

So let‘s address the baby elephant in the room, shall we? 🐘



If you have a question that’s not covered in the program, you can reach out to me. Directly.

Group coaching is great for many reasons. But having the mentor ready and able to answer YOUR unique question...

Having a mentor who can give you feedback in real time and not having to wait until a group coaching call on ZOOM?


So many people feel intimidated by zoom calls.

So many people have questions that are more sensitive or private in nature.

You shouldn't have to tell the world your strategy or your secrets.

You shouldn't feel like you're being put on trial for having a simple or complicated question..

That's why I believe in giving you almost instant feedback and answers in real time.

I’ll not only answer your questions, but upload the answer to the program for other students to learn from. (Given it's not sensitive in nature.)

So yes! You get my decade of experience in your back pocket as you climb the metaphorical mountain.

The point I'm trying to make here is simple:


You don’t have to do this alone!


I can’t say this enough. You’re not buying another overpriced course that leaves you with unanswered questions.

Instead, you’re getting a mentor, a BBF (business bestie friend), a silent partner. Someone to help you cut the guesswork so you make money sooner!


ReloAcademy guides you through starting and running a brokering business from ground zero. In a NO BS, NO FLUFF, easy to follow manner.

ReloAcademy gives you the tools you need to succeed. It's up to you to use them!

You get instant access to pre recorded training modules, so you learn what you need, when you need it.

With a mobile app that allows you instant access at your fingertips, you can FAST TRACK your results.

But the question isn’t whether this program can help you.

The question becomes, will you take the help you’re offered?

Will you commit to learning what you need so you can be the favorite? Or will you continue down the path you’re on, betting on the long shot?

You’ve come this far, so I guess you’re no long shot.

That’s why my friend, I’m going all in and I’m betting on you.

All you gotta do is show up, put in the work and never give up!

Because this program works if you do.

No I won’t run your business for you. And no, unlike other courses, I won't guarantee that if you take this program, you'll go on to make a 7 figures a year.

But what I can promise, is that I will give you all the necessary knowledge to get it done and get it done right. The first time.

I promise to be there every step of the way.


I promise to be your mentor on this journey!


Because life's too short to build a business you don't love...

Life's too short to postpone your dreams of becoming a well paid auto transport broker...

And life's way too short to do it all alone!

Are you ready to stop kicking the tires and start making progress?

Are you ready to be in a better position in six months than you are right now?

Then click that big turquoise button to join me!


Don't just take my word for it...

Read what others have had to say.
*If on a mobile device, pinch to zoom in and read reviews from current / past students*


🤫 Take a Sneak Peek Inside

Still not sure? Take a look for yourself... See exactly what you'll get inside your student portal.


Launch Your Business Right!

You’ll learn everything you need to build a strong, profitable brand. Here's a detailed breakdown of what you get when you invest in Reloacademy.


What You Get:


 12 Weeks 6 Months of 1:1 Access to me via text messaging (voice notes are welcomed and encouraged). That's a whopping 180 days!!! Imagine how much we can accomplish together in that amount of time.

 GUARANTEED Access to course materials for at least 1 year from date of purchase.

4 Core Module Audio Course plus...

Leads and Lead Conversion Module
Pricing and Payments Module
Business Foundations Module
Customer Service Module
Marketing Module

PDF version of the each core module
Contract Templates (copy, paste, tweak with step by step instructions)
 Resource: List of 25 + Niches & Target Markets
 Resource: List of 125+ Business Names
 Resource: List of 35+ Tagline Ideas 
Social Media Cheat Sheet
 Resource: 15+ Done for You Proven Email Templates (copy and paste)
 Resource: List of the most asked questions by potential clients and the answers to them.
 Resource: List of Auto Transport Blog Topic Ideas to help you generate leads on autopilot.

International Shipping Guide
Calling Scripts
Email Footer Sign Off Ideas
 Up Selling with Gap Insurance Audio Lesson so you can maximize your average order values.



Breakdown of additional training and templates:


Niches + Target Market Ideas | you have to specialize if you want to capture your own leads online. You can't just target auto transport. You won't make it. Don't know which area of specialization to choose? Use this list as your guide.

Business Name Ideas | coming up with a unique business name is hard. Use this cheat sheet to choose a name that is unique and catchy

Tagline Ideas | standing out from the crowd is important. Use these tagline ideas to differentiate your business and grab attention

Social Media Cheat Sheet | being on social isn't about just pushing your business. Use this cheatsheet to know what to post so you can engage your followers

Client's Needs Questionnaire | know exactly what your client needs by asking these proven questions during your sales call

Follow Up Email Templates | copy and paste email templates that are designed to keep you top of mind with potential clients without seeming salesy or sleazy

Client Q+A Cheat Sheet | the questions your clients will ask along with answers you can use so you don't look like a newbie

Auto Transport Blog Topic Ideas |  blogging is key to generating your own leads. these topic ideas will give you a foundation on what to write about




International Shipping Guide | want to know how to ship cars overseas? This is your guide.

Calling Scripts | Get access to 3 calling scripts you can use.

Email Footer Sign Off Ideas | how you close your emails is important. This cheat sheet gives you copy and paste ideas.

Client Referrals + Reviews Email Templates | use these for repeat clients and raving reviews.

Up Selling with Gap Insurance Audio Lesson | you can offer gap insurance as a way to protect your clients and make more money. This audio lesson will show you how.

Lead Conversion Training | Learn proven strategies on how to close more deals than your competitors.

Simple Pricing Hack | use this super simple pricing hack to help your cars move faster than other vehicles on the load board (works even on competitive routes).

Learn How to Handle Clients Who Say You're Priced Too High | you will hear that you're priced higher than other brokers. But with this lesson, you'll learn what to say that gets them to choose you.

Leveraging Your Experience and Selling a High Priced Service Fee | no need to struggle with converting leads. I will show you how to leverage your experience and how to sell people on your $300 + service fee. It's easier than you think.


Dealer Contracts 101 & 102: The good, the bad and the super ugly truth. We shed light on: How I got dealerships to come me bringing in over $5k per week in profit. How brokers can make almost a half a million dollars every single year doing dealer moves. Why most brokers fail at them before they even begin. I’m confident you’re going to make the same mistake if you jump into these moves without doing the other steps. But more importantly you’re going to learn how you can set yourself up for success. Step by step how to make that happen. PLUS you'll get the interactive checklist to keep you on track. 


You get everything above and so much more.




These alone would cost you $10,800 a la carte.

That's not including 12 weeks 6 months of one on one access to me. (Clients have paid me $997 per hour for a consultation).

But I won't charge you that. Not even half of that.

When you join this program, you only pay $2200. It's a one time payment. No recurring charges and no hidden fees.

Here's the thing my friend...

I don't believe in convincing people to buy what they don't want...

And I'm not going to convince you to buy if you're not ready...

But if you are ready?

If you’re confident the Reloacademy Experience is the missing piece to your puzzle?

Then I invite you to join me. 


Your One-Time Investment $10,800 $2200



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