Pandemic-Tested, Recession-Approved

How regular people are ditching soul-crushing jobs to rake in cash moving metal across America – all while sipping coffee in their PJs



Let's cut the crap. You're here because:

  1. You want the freedom of working from anywhere in the world all while making a decent wage…
  2. You‘d love to spend as much time as you want with your growing family…
  3. And you crave the status and prestige that comes with mastering the Wolf of Wall Street level sales skills!




Everyone told you that a "stable job" was the key to happiness. How's that working out? 

  • Alarm clock tyranny
  • Soul-crushing commutes
  • Office politics that would make Machiavelli blush
  • A paycheck that barely covers the bills


You and I both know that there's a better way, and it doesn't involve selling your kidneys or buying auto transport leads (unless that's your thing - which this course definitely covers in spades)...


"The best investment you can make is in a company that makes a product that's simple and boring but that everyone needs." - Warren Buffet Net Worth: $134.8 Billion


If you don't want to listen to me, a certifiable nobody, listen to someone worth over $100 billion.


Warren Buffet knows that "boring" businesses can be the most lucrative and smartest investment you can make.


And that’s precisely why regular people are ditching soul-crushing jobs to rake in cash moving metal across America – all while sipping coffee in their PJs.


Auto transport brokering isn't glamorous, it's not trendy, but it's a goldmine hiding in plain sight.


And the best part? You can run this entire business from your couch if you want to.


  • No more soul sucking jobs.
  • No more making other people rich. 
  • And no more counting the number of hours until you get your next paid vacation only to find out that the days you want? Have been denied by some guy named Bob in HR that waddles into the building wiping coffee stains off his shirt 5 minutes before his shift starts.


This course will arm you with everything you need to:


  • Legally set up shop (including lawyer-approved contracts)
  • Find clients who are desperate for your services
  • Build a network of reliable carriers
  • Book loads like someone who’s been doing this for decades
  • Stand out in a sea of mediocre brokers who are scrapping to get by because they’re copying what everyone else is doing. Spoiler alert: that’s a surefire way to ooze money out of every whole in your business.


Recession and Pandemic Proof


This isn't just another "get-rich-quick" scheme that falls apart when the economy hiccups.

Auto transport brokering has been tested and proven to be recession and pandemic proof.

Think about it:

  • People will always need to move cars
  • Businesses still ship vehicles during economic downturns
  • Online car sales are booming, increasing the demand for shipping

One of my students put it best:

"I became a broker because I want to create a sustainable, scalable business in a trillion dollar industry. I know this business has been tested and is proven to be recession and pandemic-proof… Becoming a broker in this industry is the sweet spot of entry."


Two words: Mic Drop 🎤


Hi! If we haven't met, I'm Ashley!

I've been in the trenches of trucking since mid 2005. My late father even hauled cars for Cadillac back in his heyday.

I've made the mistakes, learned the hard lessons, and now I'm handing you the cheat codes.

This isn't theoretical fluff – it's battle-tested knowledge that gets results.


Don't take my word for it. That would be reckless.

Here’s what people who bought my course had to say:


"I would definitely recommend your course to anyone who was serious about starting their own car transport business. It is really easy to follow unless you make it hard like I did.." - Raymond B.


“I'm loving the course, you have the best training portal I've come across.” - Hakeem L.


"This course is gold. Ashley's no-nonsense approach and step-by-step guidance made all the difference. I'm now officially a broker and loving every minute of it." - Leidyn F.


“Just so you know, I referred people to you even before I purchased the class. Why? Because you’re honest and I appreciate honesty. You’ve done everything you said you would do and you’ve given everything you said you would give, plus more. You have motivated me since I started watching your videos and I appreciate you so much. And there’s no fluff 🤗” - Traci T.


“Yes it’s been 3 weeks and I am very happy with the step I took. Would 100% recommend your course. You are very helpful and you know what you are talking about. I am not finished yet and still have some things to do but I am very happy…” - Thule M.


“The sales lady from ProABD said she enjoyed working with me over the phone and she knows my customers will too. She said I sounded easy to talk to and get this. She said I sounded like I knew what I was doing. Lol. That shocked me because I asked her like 50 questions. But that is definitely attributed to the content that your course provides.” - Ebony


Chances are, if you’re like most people, you probably won't buy this course.

And rightfully so. Not because it’s not worth it…

But because most people are afraid of failing. So much so, it stops them dead in their tracks.

But think about it this way…

For less than the cost of a weekend getaway, you're getting:


  • Step-by-step video training so you minimize the amount of time spent trial and erroring. Studies show that 74% of people who had a mentor said that contributed to their success.
  • Done-for-you templates and cheat sheets. You’re not a writer, and you don’t have to pretend to be. Instead, all the “hard work” has been already done for you. Simply copy, paste and tweak.
  • Legal contracts written by an actual attorney who charged me a whopping $1600. But these exact contracts saved a student of mine from a $25,000 problem that would’ve bankrupt her.
  • The exact strategies I used to crush it in this industry. And they didn’t involve buying leads. 
  • And so much more…


All for just $497.


No "required" upsells, no hidden fees, no BS.



The auto transport industry isn't slowing down, but this offer might. Don't wake up a year from now wishing you'd taken action today.


Ready to trade in the soul-sucking torture of your current job and build your future?

Click the button below and let's make it happen.


- Ashley


P.S. Still on the fence? Remember, every day you wait is another day you have to see coffee stain Bob in HR when you want a day off…

Another day you miss watching your family grow…

And another day you spend wishing someone would just save you from your current reality!

This course gives you everything you need to break free from the matrix and build a business that works for you, not the other way around.

The only question is: are you ready to make the leap?



Still skeptical?

No worries, I got you...

Read what others have had to say.
*If on a mobile device, pinch to zoom in and read reviews from current / past students*


For Your 👀 Only!

Maybe the reviews weren’t enough. You need to see for yourself! Watch this video to see exactly what you'll get inside your student portal.


Sometimes, you just need to see it in black and white 📰 .


At this point you’ve read the reviews, watched the behind the scenes video… Now you want it sketched in black and white to make it official.  

We both know that this course is your chance to avoid costly mistakes and start seeing real results.


You also know that with my course, you’ll gain the knowledge and confidence to dominate YOUR market, even as a small auto transport broker.

But here he, here he! I’ve itemized and signed the details in digital blood just for you…


Here's What You Get When You Buy This Course:


 GUARANTEED Access to course materials for 1 year from date of purchase.

4 Core Module Audio Course plus...

Leads and Lead Conversion Module
Pricing and Payments Module
Business Foundations Module
Customer Service Module
Marketing Module

PDF version of the each core module
Contract Templates (copy, paste, tweak with step by step instructions)
 Resource: List of 25 + Niches & Target Markets
 Resource: List of 125+ Business Names
 Resource: List of 35+ Tagline Ideas 
Social Media Cheat Sheet
 Resource: 15+ Done for You Email Templates (copy and paste)
 Resource: List of the most asked questions by potential clients and the answers to them.
 Resource: List of Auto Transport Blog Topic Ideas to help you generate leads on autopilot.

International Shipping Guide
Calling Scripts
Email Footer Sign Off Ideas
 Up Selling with Gap Insurance Audio Lesson so you can maximize your average order values.



Breakdown of additional training and templates:


Niches + Target Market Ideas | you have to specialize if you want to capture your own leads online. You can't just target auto transport. You won't make it. Don't know which area of specialization to choose? Use this list as your guide.

Business Name Ideas | coming up with a unique business name is hard. Use this cheat sheet to choose a name that is unique and catchy

Tagline Ideas | standing out from the crowd is important. Use these tagline ideas to differentiate your business and grab attention

Social Media Cheat Sheet | Being on social media isn't about just pushing your business. Use this cheat sheet to know what to post so you can engage your followers

Client's Needs Questionnaire | know exactly what your client needs by asking these proven questions during your sales call

Follow Up Email Templates | copy and paste email templates that are designed to keep you top of mind with potential clients without seeming salesy or sleazy

Client Q+A Cheat Sheet | the questions your clients will ask along with answers you can use so you don't look like a newbie

Auto Transport Blog Topic Ideas |  blogging is key to generating your own leads. these topic ideas will give you a foundation on what to write about




International Shipping Guide | Want to know how to ship cars overseas? This is your guide.

Calling Scripts | Get access to 3 calling scripts you can use.

Email Footer Sign Off Ideas | How you close your emails is important. This cheat sheet gives you copy and paste ideas.

Client Referrals + Reviews Email Templates | use these for repeat clients and raving reviews.

Up Selling with Gap Insurance Audio Lesson | you can offer gap insurance as a way to protect your clients and make more money. This audio lesson will show you how.

Lead Conversion Training | Learn timeless and malleable strategies on how to close more deals than your competitors.

Simple Pricing Hack | use this super simple pricing hack to help your cars move faster than other vehicles on the load board (works even on competitive routes).

Learn How to Handle Clients Who Say You're Priced Too High | you will hear that you're priced higher than other brokers. But with this lesson, you'll learn what to say that gets them to choose you.

Leveraging Your Experience and Selling a High Priced Service Fee | no need to struggle with converting leads. I will show you how to leverage your experience and how to sell people on your $300 + service fee. It's easier than you think.


Dealer Contracts 101 & 102:

The good, the bad and the super ugly truth. We shed light on: How I got dealerships to come to me bringing in over $5k per week in profit. How brokers can make almost a half a million dollars every single year doing dealer moves. Why do most brokers fail at them before they even begin? I’m confident you’re going to make the same mistake if you jump into these moves without doing the other steps. But more importantly you’re going to learn how you can set yourself up for success. Step by step how to make that happen. PLUS you'll get the interactive checklist to keep you on track. 


You get everything above and so much more.




These alone would cost you $10,800 a la carte.



Life's Too Short to Struggle and Second Guess Your Decision.


For a one-time investment of $497, you gain access to all the training, templates, and resources you need to succeed.


There are no recurring charges or hidden fees. You do have the choice to renew another year if you want to but it's not required.

This investment in yourself and your business could be the turning point you’ve been waiting for.

Or a legal excuse to claim yet another expense on your taxes…

With this course, you’ll learn how to build a business you love, what steps you need to take to achieve your dream of working from anywhere, time freedom with your family and Wolf of Wallstreet level sales skills!

Plus my goal is that you’ll also enjoy the journey.

There’s only one thing guaranteed in life… well two: death and taxes.

Time doesn’t wait for you even if you just need to think about it for a nano second more…


Click that big turquoise button and join the self-study course today.

This is your permission slip to do it!




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